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By Helping You Succeed, We All Win

Joining ProEquities is a big decision on your part and one we know you won’t take lightly. While there are many reasons to consider a move to ProEquities, here are few compelling points that our advisors tell us are most meaningful to them.

Are You The Right Fit? arrow

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ProEquities is not for every advisor, but for the right, growth-oriented advisor, we’re the perfect fit.

How Do I Join? arrow

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Once you’ve decided ProEquities is the right fit, our dedicated transition team makes joining as simple and efficient as possible.

More Reasons Advisors Join and Stay with ProEquities

Our Focus on Business Development

Our culture is founded on the principles of personal and professional growth. We have always maintained an entrepreneurial spirit and look to work with advisors who share a similar vision for their own future.

Dedication and Support for Your Personal Vision

Each individual advisor we work with has their own goals and dreams for the future of their business. We have succeeded because we try hard to understand the unique vision you have for growth and provide a specific plan to help you get where you want to go.

The Right Business Model

Our Investment Advisory product group provides invaluable guidance and business planning to help complement and nurture your business through the various stages of growth. The IA platform enables you to build the right business models for you and your clients. These include:

  • Capital Asset Management and ProTrade– open architecture asset management platforms which allow for hands-on management of assets.
  • Consultant’s Choice – allows advisors to charge clients for either financial planning services or advice.
  • Third Party Management – ProEquities maintains relationships with 20 third-party money managers offering various investment products and styles.
  • CorETFSM Portfolios – risk-based, turnkey, discretionary managed account platform which utilizes exchange-traded funds as the investment vehicle.
  • Private Access - A fee-based asset management platform which offers access to institutional, private money managers using various investment vehicles. Each account is customized or separately managed to meet your clients’ needs.


The Right Product Mix

Our product mix offers a vast array of financial vehicles to match you and your clients’ needs. We work with some of the industry’s top brands and give our advisors access to their best products.

The Right Alternative Program

We offer many specialized direct investment opportunities that are not found at many traditional "wirehouse" brokerage firms. By offering these products, we give our advisors the power to provide further diversification to their clients' portfolios by partnering with industry-leading sponsors with seasoned and proven track records. By performing thorough due diligence on a product-level basis, we strive to offer only the best alternative investment programs to our advisors and their clients including:

  • Section 1031/Tenant-In-Common Real Estate Programs
  • Non-traded REITs
  • Real Estate Limited Partnerships
  • Oil and Gas Drilling Partnerships
  • Equipment Leasing Partnerships

The Right Technology

We provide advanced technology tools and support to help you efficiently manage your business and your time. Over the years, we have worked with all kinds of advisors from the tech-savvy to the tech newbie and just about everyone in between. Our software has been designed and refined with input from our advisors to ensure it meets your “real-world” needs.

Sound Bites from Current Advisors on Why You Should Join
  • “The can-do attitude of the ProEquities people.”
  • “My trust in them has paid off time and time again.”
  • “They offered me what I wanted – an independent, comprehensive financial planning firm model.”
  • “They helped me take my practice to a new level.”
  • “The teammates at ProEquities listen to my needs, give thoughtful consideration, and respond with appropriate solutions.”
  • “Complete satisfaction.”
  • “Caring, almost family-type, atmosphere. Could this be what southern hospitality is all about?”
  • “Concierge Service.”


*Average annual retention rate of 97% for each of the last 10 years for advisors with a minimum GDC of $150k through 1Q17.



Why Join?

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Close to 97% of our advisors are still with ProEquities.*